Mixy-Spindle Kits

A hybrid of our Modular Spindle System and our Mini-Spindle Kits, these Mixy-Spindle Hybrid Kits really excel with spinning fine yarns. We love the speed and long spins from this special pairing.

Whorls and shafts are sold together in the Mixy-Spindle Kit collection.

Whorls are available in our Lotus style with a range of colors of durable 3D-printed plastic with embedded stainless steel weights. The shaft is made of a beautiful black carbon fiber composite: light and strong, and perfectly straight regardless of humidity and temperature changes. The stainless steel hook is soft-tempered to permit easy adjustment for different yarn thicknesses. The friction-fit hub can be moved to different positions up and down the shaft, enabling these to be top, middle, or bottom whorl spindles.