Swatch Gauges

The Akerworks Swatch Gauge offers a slip-resistant 4-inch cross measurement, for confident gauge counting. Each end of the cross has a set of little teeth that gently but firmly hold the swatch in place and prevent it from shifting around while you count. The durable material is transparent enough for you to see stitches through the gauge for greater confidence and accuracy. One side of each arm is marked in whole inch increments, with 1/4" marks between; the opposite side is marked in whole centimeter increments. Each gauge comes packaged in a clear pillow box for a nice presentation. The packaging can be reused to store your Swatch Gauge or other knitting and crocheting tools. These can make a great gift to a friend or family member! Designed and manufactured in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Special thanks to Clara Parkes for her lovely review of the Akerworks Swatch Gauge in her excellent publication, Knitter's Review