Knitting Tool Kit, partial: without Swatch Gauge


Knitting Tool Kit, partial: without Swatch Gauge

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The Akerworks Knitting Tool Kit is a notions caddy for essential knitting needs. Made of an unbreakable flexible rubber, the Tool Kit holds an Akerworks Swatch Gauge (NOT INCLUDED), as well as a pair of Little Gems mini-scissors, and a tape measure. There are magnetized notions pockets for stitch markers, darning needles, and more. The Tool Kit also functions as a knitting needle gauge, with measuring slots for common metric and US needle sizes.

PLEASE NOTE: This version DOES NOT INCLUDE A SWATCH GAUGE. It's being offered as a special option for our customers who already have an Akerworks Swatch Gauge and are looking for caddy to store it. 

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